ELSA ltd is a limited liability company duly registered with the MFSA.



ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILL ASSESSMENT LTD (in abbreviaton ELSA) is a new company based in MALTA.

ELSA ltd is a limited liability company duly registered with the MFSA.

ELSA Company is structured on a solid GOVERNANCE GROUP that operate in the supreme interests of users / learners, distinguishing and clearly separating the economic interests from those of a rewarding organization able to provide qualifications. The GOVERNANCE GROUP has been distinguished in 3 main figures: CEO (financial administrator), BD (Board of Directors) and GOVERNING BODY (Independent Board on policies and regulatory compliance) In fact, ELSA ltd proposes itself as a Further Education Institution, a new Awarding Organization that operates at an international level and, in particular, for the provision of ELSA English Courses and Qualifications for speakers of other language in order to meet the needs of all those learners who are preparing to enter the world of education and / or in the professional world in Malta or in any other EU country. In addition, technological innovation to achieve high levels of learning is a cornerstone of the ELSA mission that has in its DNA the goal of safety, quality and technology. With the intention of proposing an innovative service that reflects these characteristics, ELSA has created an exclusive security system to manage all courses and qualifications.


The purpose of ELSA qualifications is to help people achieve their life goals. Educational institutions, employers, professional bodies and immigration authorities all over the world require the quality and safety of qualifications produced and ELSA wants to do so with its constant commitment in all stages of the life cycle of qualifications leading to recognition of his qualifications to ensure that they are accepted as widely as possible, thus meeting the demands of the learners who will turn to us. ELSA aims to share the results that will be achieved in specific public and sector events such as conferences, publication of notes, organization of events also for development and professional support. ELSA has a policy of equal opportunity to allow all its employees to enjoy opportunities in the workplace regardless of gender, ethnic origin, age, disability or religion. ELSA's competition policy is based on respect and loyalty of its work. ELSA considers the work of all educational institutions to be of the care of the learners and therefore worthy of deference.


ELSA is an educational institution, the needs of customers are at the center of our policy and what we do. ELSA is committed to always providing excellent service to its customers by preparing high quality materials for the offered qualifications, learning and support, constantly updating its systems to ensure that they are effective and safe and ensuring the candidates answers and results in a way accurate and fast. ELSA offers with its dedicated staff a service of assistance to all its users and in particular to those with special needs. In fact, the aim of ELSA is to guarantee the same treatment to all candidates, ensuring fairness and optimal conditions for taking each qualification. In the presence of disabilities or severe difficulties, special tests / exams will be prepared by the ELSA team.


ELSA is represented by a group of educators, managers and specialists in training and qualifications. All ELSA resources made up of a representative team from around the world. Experts are recruited in a strict and selective manner, so that all the ELSA bodies are represented by the highest level of resources available worldwide and can represent the high standards that ELSA has in itself and the very high standards required by CEFR for the preparation and dissemination of qualifications. The internal organizational structure of ELSA ltd, for the performance of all functions as an educational istitution and awarding organization, is based on 3 macro areas: GOVERNANCE GROUP (GG), CONSULTING GROUP (CG) and QUALIFICATIONS WORKING GROUP (QWG).

In turn, the three macro areas contain more departments / specific groups for the performance of their functions. ELSA ltd intends to set up its organizational structure in this way, diversifying functions and duties, in order to avoid or in any case minimize any risks of conflicts of interest. In addition, in the organizational structure of ELSA there are also be a REVIEW PANEL OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES (RPEO) and a SENIOR MANAGMENT GROUP (SMT).


A key element for the correct financial development of a company is the ability to develop a VISION, the description of the objectives for developing and growing the organization. Having a clear vision certainly offers the ELSA Team a concrete direction and the correct inspiration to be the foundation for the definition of objectives and the planning of actions. ELSA Vision foresees, first of all, the expansion of financial forces and structures that will guarantee the development, delivery and assignment of the qualifications that will be produced following the criteria the satisfaction of the learners who will turn to ELSA for the attainment of the qualifications themselves.

The mission is the ultimate goal of the existence of a company, the justification of its existence and what distinguishes it from the others. Focusing on the daily work of all the ELSA employees and all the Departments who are part of it will make a radical contribution to achieving the objectives set out in the vision. ELSA is an educational organization, the needs of customers will be at the center of our policy and what we will do. We remember that the purpose of ELSA's existence is the production of qualifications that can help people achieve their life goals.

The core values describe attitudes and convictions of ELSA that will enable the company's vision and mission to be realized. These values can be summarized in:

  • - Leadership: the desire to achieve increasingly better and satisfying qualifications
  • - Collaboration: leveraging the collective genius, ELSA team in its total, every single employee will be involved with his work in the realization of the objectives
  • - Integrity: being authentic and loyal always to our Learners
  • - Responsibility: guaranteeing compliance with parameters and criteria throughout the entire life cycle of qualifications
  • - Quality: continuous checks, qualified personnel, security of the phases and exchanges, prevention and immediate solution of risks and problems.

ELSA proposes for the production of its tests an accurate control and an accurate research delegating a team of experts in the evaluation of the Italian language that, with their competences respect the high quality standards that ELSA establishes and demands from its works and its collaborators. To guarantee the correct production process with an adequate staff in terms of size and skills uses DEVELOPMENT AND VALUATION TEAM (DVT). The Exam Production Experts Team manages the production of all the exam materials, develops new exams and, if required, modifies the existing ones, always following the directives given by the Governing Body in the Qualifications Development Plan - QDP. The team of experts in the evaluation of the Italian language suitable for the production of ELSA courses, tests and qualifications is recruited through sector agencies that give a first guarantee of the CVs presented. Each aspiring collaborator is then contacted and subjected to an in-depth individual interview, during which the skills indicated and declared in the CV presented will be verified point by point.

Any previous experiences are verified and documented directly. Those who are considered suitable to enter the DVT are assigned a specific task in developing the exam materials taking into account their experiences and their attitudes. The experts who are part of the DVT can be included in the workforce or be considered external collaborators. Many of them come from the most prestigious universities. For all members of the team it is prepared by the Legal Advicer Department a precise and armored agreement for the non-disclosure of the processes and contents produced for ELSA always refers. The DVT is tested and supervised during the entire production cycle by the Governing Body, the Quality Control Committee and, of course, the Director of Operations. The group reports directly to the Governing Body, the Director of Operations and, if necessary, the Responsible Officer. This department is responsible for managing all test products and assessment services, including overall management of the production system of the exam items, computer-based tests and tests produced for specific tests.

As stated ELSA provides for the production of its qualifications the use of a team of experts in the evaluation of English language who, with their skills, respect the high quality standards that ELSA establishes and claims for its documents (QDP) and its collaborators. The team must strictly adhere to the precise production cycle of ELSA qualifications composed of a series of steps and a rigorous series of processes.

  • • 1 step – ELSA establish the parameters of the qualification to be developed in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) and precisely the purposes, methods and duration of the examination for the achievement of the level of qualification;
  • • 2 step - pre-editing: There is a first check of the material produced by the experts for the fulfillment of the parameters established in the first step;
  • • 3 step - editing: A second verification of the material produced by the experts is required to guarantee quality and accuracy of the prepared materials;
  • • 4 step - pretesting / trialling: It requires a real simulation of courses and tests produced to ensure that can be carried out by the learners adequately and that they can meet the parameters set for the achievement of the qualification;
  • • 5 step - preliminary review: It is expected a verification of the results obtained from the simulation to consider whether it is necessary to make changes or improvements;
  • • 6 step - second revision: A further verification of materials serves to ensure that the level of the relative qualification and the focus are correct and that there are no overlaps with other existing courses and tests;
  • • 7 step - overview: A final and total revision of the entire process is required before the production of material begins. All ELSA qualifications are considered suitable for learners only when the test has passed all the steps listed with verification by the Quality Control Committee and the Scientific Committee and only after the Director of Operations has validated the overcoming of the production cycle.

ELSA produces qualifications for every level of English language following the parameters and standards indicated by the Common European Framework of Reference (QCE) also called Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). In fact, ELSA qualifications are designed and developed, in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) guidelines, for learners who are not English native speakers and who wish to obtain a recognized high quality international qualification. Such qualifications are suitable for all those learners who are preparing for entry at the highest levels in the world of education and / or in the professional world in the United Kingdom or in any other country. ESALA proposes qualifications in online format in order to meet the different needs of the learnrs.